Let Me Borrow that Top!

Here are some of the photos I took for the new "Kelly" merchandise, including the "whore" top featured in the video...

oliver and courtney model the girls and guys "whore" tops.

courtney lookin sexy

oliver in the boys "whore" shirt


Veronica and Courtney modeling both versions of the Muffins! shirt.

Veronica models the "no booty calls" undies.

And for fun, here's the new "Kelly" video. I'm in it for even less time than I was in the last one. If you find me I'll give you a cookie. Here's a hint: I'm wearing yellow and i'm yelling at a football player.


Oh, this keeps getting better...

My friend drew has one of the only blogs that i read on a consistant basis bc it is so fucking hilarious and often times educational. Check it out some time: back of the cereal box

Anyway, he wrote a blog about me being in a Kelly video. I fucking love it.

It also appears that I owe one Drew Mackie a cookie...
she's not the one with the trumpet, in case you're confused


Ariel said...

Wait WHAT? You know Liam? I went to college with him for one semester in 1993. We were in a play together.

megan said...

HA! I just saw this. YEAH! Liam and I are buddies. How strange that you would know him. Of course it all makes sense in a cosmic kinda way. Crazy.