M.U.S.I.C. teaser

Last night I took photos of my friend's cd release show. My girl Andree Belle has created an amazing album and put on quite the show to match. I've been editing all day, but here are a few of my favorites from the evening...

Andree Belle
This is the incredible Andree Belle. 
You can see how much she feels the music in these pics. Love this girl.

Andree Belle
Andree with her band.

Andree Belle
and a friend of hers joined her for a few songs.

Andree Belle Andree Belle
Also, does she not have the most amazing body!? 
That's her man, Andre De Sant’anna, playing bass in the background. 
(Yes, they have the same name.)

And here's a Dre. I caught these as I was testing the light.

And I just need to share an awesome picture of another friend that joined the band that opened for Andree...

Aneesah Williams
Aneesah with Pangea Collective

Until I get the rest of the pictures up and ready, you can check out Andree's blog for more musical (and spiritual) inspiration.


Andree said...

You are fucking incredible! Damn. I'm speechless! Thank u for these and capturing the night!!!!! I love u.