phases of photography

It seems like my photo shoots go in phases. When I first started I was doing a lot of music shoots, like concerts and recording sessions. Then I did headshots all the time. From there it was on to weddings. But recently, it's been back to music again! Which I love.

I just posted photos friend Andree's show & my first album photography gig, and next I'll have posts from amazing song writer Alan Chang's personal recording session, and shots from the recent Airborne Toxic Event show in Pasadena.

In the mean time I'll leave you with a picture of my wonderful friend Darren Taylor at the Airborne Toxic Event show...

Airborne Toxic Event @ Pomona Fox Theater
gotta love that smile! :)

But there's also good news on the wedding photography front... just met with my newest wedding client, Ashley, and she's freaking adorable. I can't wait to shoot her wedding! And speaking of offbeat brides... my boss, Ariel, is going to be running my first ever banner ad on Offbeat Bride soon, so hopefully that'll bring in even more amazing wedding clients!