Marriane's headshots

I've gotta hand it to Marrianne, she was a total trooper. We spent the day running around some of my favorite nasty LA locations... I had her leaning up against dumpsters, vacuuming someone's front lawn and at one point she even posed with a thrown out toilet. But I'm pretty sure that's pretty much all in a day's work for a comedienne, I guess.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day:

marianne 2
A happy smiling shot.

marianne 3
Serious, "CSI Miami" shot.

marianne 1
I call this the "Sitcom Mom" shot.

marianne + vacuum 1
This was the moment that Marianne discovered that the vacuum we found on the side of the road had a "shag" setting!
That vacuum now lives with me. :)

You seriously can't ask for a better client than Marianne, she was fun, funny and open to everything I suggested and I hope she has a lot of luck with these shots.


Andree said...

sitcom mom shot! your titles are great! lol! the vacuum is my fave! :)

Ashley said...

Vacuum shot FTW!!