The business so far...

Oh man, we're getting closer and closer to the launch of my "wedding season!" My first wedding is scheduled for April and then it's madness from then on. I know this because lately I've been turning down more wedding than taking them on. June is completely booked!

So far I'm going to be shooting all over California: San Fransisco, Oakland, San Diego, Fallbrook, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Oceanside and Sonoma.

I also have the COOLEST weddings on schedule:
  • A wedding at the Jim Henson Co. with life size Skesis and Muppets galore.
  • A Tiki wedding at Don the Beachcomber.
  • A Dia de los Muertos wedding.
  • A 1960s swanky cocktail party themed wedding.
  • A wedding in an old fashion theater.
  • And I even have a wedding booked on our five year anniversary (two years married)!
And those are just the ones that made their deposits! I have tons more lined up that are all equally amaze-balls. I love my clients!!!

My 2nd shooter, best gal pal and all around amazing human being, Courtney (aka. Coco, aka. Cha-cha) has decided, out of the kindness of her heart, that she's now also going to take on the roll of assistant and general get-your-shit-together-er. Which means, the photo biz should start to run a LOT more smoothly. Look folks, I can shoot a pretty picture, but I can't remember who's paid and who hasn't. Not so much good for business. And since Coco is attached to this ship, apparently she'd like to take part in keeping it afloat. She's a shrewd business woman, that one.

Oh! And I found a ridiculously awesome place for engagement shoots. It's an antique store in, what used to be, a church. Here's a teaser...
Scavengers Paradise Scavengers Paradise
Scavengers Paradise

Unfortunately, it costs to shoot there, but if I ever get to, the pics would be INCREDIBLE! Any engaged couples wanna pay the location fee and I'll do the shoot for free?

Let's see... what else, what else... I'm absolutely scared shitless to be starting wedding season! But more on that later. Now I have to run and make all the reservations for Seattle next weekend. I'm going for the Offbeat Bride book re-release party on March 6th.


MylesNye said...

Knock em dead, best-ever photog! I am doing my 3rd wedding in July, and we are starting to book tons of scavenger hunt events in April. Here's to starting your own business and meeting with success in spite of the general economy! M.

Amber said...

*This* is going to be AWESOME. All awesome. Everything is awesome. I am so proud of youuuuu! Yay!

M-O-B said...

sooooo very PROUD of - and HAPPY for - YOU Megs:-) I can't wait to see your pixs (and U:-) soon!!!
Love, Momita

COURTNEY said...

they dont call me Courtney "loves organization" Rosenquist for NOTHING!