Cat's animal themed brooch bouquet

Guess who just shot a wedding this weekend where the bride carried a brooch bouquet!...

brooch bouquet!

Me! I did! How amazing is this baby!?

The bride, Cat, didn't make this -- she went to Amanda for that -- but she found all the pieces herself, mostly from Goodwills (she admitted to me that her talents do not lie in the craftiness, but she does has that convenient knack of finding awesome stuff on the cheap). And most of the brooches have special significance to her, especially the animal ones...

IMG_0078 IMG_8936
Including a parrot in honor of their pet parrot, Eggbert.

IMG_9747 IMG_9182
the pink dog in honor of one of their pups, Honeypie (aka. Tikka, aka. Chunk).

cat & jim IMG_9185
...and this fox guy in honor of their other dog, Ollie, who resembles a fox.


I'll have more photos from Cat and Jim's animal filled backyard wedding soon. I just wanted to share my excitement over this bouquet in the meantime.


Coco said...

Yes I fucking love it! Cat was rad!

hilary said...

That's awesome!

Gayla Finley said...

That was so awesome! A new way to recycle jewelry.

Miss Hiccup said...

Oh, geez, that is too amazing. My dream bouquet. She looks beautiful!

M said...

I love, love, love the owls brooch and her hair color is amazing!

amanda heer said...

Hi there this is Amanda Heer
I made the Amazing Bouquet
and I am thrilled you got such cool shots of it
I can you please send me some shots....I lost all my photo's last week...and would love to put them on my blog
great work

Shannon said...

Cat looks amazing! I LOVE THE BOUQUET! So clever! Where did you get all those brooches? Wish I could have been there in person!

Ashley said...

Ahhh! Wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest of this day!