Teaser for Djinnaya and Jason's wedding

Djinayya and Jason

Here's a teaser for Djinnaya and Jason's San Francisco wedding. And what a wedding it was! It was one of the most fun AND most difficult weddings I've shot so far. (I had a streak of bad luck that weekend that, now all said and done, is laughable. But more on that later.) For now, check out that location! Djin and Jason got married at the Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside, CA. It was beautiful and touching and WINNING!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That is a gorgeous gorgeous picture. You've been busy like crazy.

When are we going to see the none sneak peak at Victoria and Shawn's and Cat's wedding? :) (Gentle, gentle nudge).

megan said...

ha. I am working on Vickie and Shawn's right now! Should have it done this week. :)

Ted said...

Awesome pic! Too bad the sky-writer didn't write their names more legibly