You take the good, you take the bad...

I have to remember that I started this blog not only to show off my photography skillz, but also to document the plight of a struggling photographer in Los Angeles. So here is a post about the lame side of this business I've gotten myself into...

So today I'm kinda bummed out. Felt a bit like a loser. I got a call the other day for a photo gig. I was recommended by the people who hired me to shoot the behind the scenes footage of a Marshall's commercial. I was super excited because this meant another corporate gig, which meant an actual paycheck! (I've been taking low to no-paying gigs a LOT lately in order to build my wedding portfolio.) So when I called this new possible client back and gave her my rate (the same rate that Marshall's had gladly paid me) she balked and asked me to do it for half the money. Her reasoning -- 'well, we only need you for 4 hours and that's half a full day of work.' Maybe for HER it was! But for me? Let's see -- I'll show up early, then more than likely stay late by at least an hour if not two, then I got home and upload the photos and then spend the next day editing them, then burn them onto several discs that I've paid for and then pop them in the mail with postage I've paid for. That all takes a LOT more than your 4 hours. So while your work day is done, mine won't be for another day or two. Thanks but, my rate is my rate for a reason!

Now I've done, and continue to do, my fair share of freebies and cheap shoots, but I refuse to do that for a corporate gig! I know they have money behind them, I won't mention the name of the company she was hired by, but it's big. And she was trying to low-ball me!? When I told her that I would not budge on my rate, she told me that she'd have to check with her boss and then get back to me. 

Well... today's the day of the shoot and I haven't heard anything.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me. My husband is proud of me for sticking to my guns and that's what matters most. But it's a hard pill to swallow when I finally get the balls to stand up for my price and my worth as a photographer and I get rejected.

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andree belle said...

fucked my friend! it's a hard life for artists! i totally feel u! keep the faith though baby- good things are coming. love u and ps-i love this shot! :)